What is a Balanced Math Program?

The balanced math program aims to improve student attitudes toward math while they develop procedural fluency, conceptual understanding and problem-solving. Some components of the program which support higher-level thinking, problem solving and communication include:

Activities and Resources

Create independent activities to be used during guided mathematics time

Independent mathematics provides an opportunity for students to learn on their own based on previously taught material and to stretch and deepen their thinking. Students can use group members to decode words or clarify the problem, but then work independently. This is an ideal time for students to integrate stands and spiral curriculum. An example task might be, “Raisins and sunflower seeds are sold together in packages of 250g. The ratio of the mass of sunflower seeds is 3 to 5. Determine the mass of raisins in a package. Show your work.”

Create parallel tasks and inquiry-based learning related to the categories of Achievement across the primary grade

Please access parallel task PDF by clicking here.

Please access inquiry based learning PDF by clicking here.