Art Venture

Program Duration: 2Hours/Week for 8 Weeks


Studio 1 (beginners)

Starting with combinations of a few lines and shapes to make simple pictures, beginners develop their confidence to take on more complex subjects. From early classes basic portraiture skills and colouring techniques are learned, using coloured pencil. Moving on, eager artists practice newly learned skills on more complex subjects and themes, such as animals, landscapes, the human form and cartooning. We will also offer craft with recycled materials. Students will also be introduced to Lego movie animation making.

Studio 2 (intermediate)

Throughout various activities, students are taught more advanced techniques to embellish their artwork. This includes basic to intermediate knowledge of shading, colour transition, colour-wheel, proportions, and texture. All these aspects are a stepping stone to applying the previously learned techniques in other media.

While exploring new media, for example, oil pastel, watercolour, collage and crafts, budding artists are often given free rein as to the subject of their artwork. This allows for the development of creativity and imagination. Through this exploration, students are given collective and individual instruction to teach them more complex artistic aspects, like movement, composition, depth, and even ways to enhance their creativity.

Studio 3 (advanced)

In those more advanced classes, the children learn in detail about three-dimensional objects. Still-life and perspective projects use all previously learned techniques while presenting some new challenges. Continuous projects of increasing difficulty level encourage children to practise skills and hone their creativity.


Choose the date and time of first class. The rest of classes will be followed based on day and time selected. Please pick a time between 9am - 7pm from Monday to Saturday.