Fall Program

As per the government of Canada, online learning and in class learning will be used equally during this school year. Give your children the extra boost they need in STEAM by enrolling them today! Deadline to register September 16, 2023


From learning the color theory, interactive live painting sessions, to pencil drawing, sketching and perspective design, students will be empowered to understand abstract thinking taught in their school required in topics such as engineering, geometry, design.

Weekly projects will be used to allow practices.  


Are your children having a hard time understanding gears, speed, ratios, the law of motion? are they falling behind in their grades, we can guarantee you a 100% improvement once they registered to our classes. We offer group classes of 16 children or one to one tutoring. We provide coaching for school work .



 University preparation courses


Better grades guarantee!

Can your children calculate 345 * 89 in a few minutes

Our sessions are structured to give to each child the help they need at all levels.   We challenge your children with new concepts so they are all the time engaged and motivated, helping them improving their grades in school! 

Coding/Python, CSS,HTML, Java script Programming/Computer science /Artificial intelligence/Game development with Unity

Coding is the language of computers, and computers are now necessary for learning. By enrolling your children to  coding classes, you will  place them in the a better position to score better in school but also to land the best jobs in the future.  Enroll them to learn the  languages of the future such as  HTML5, Python,  JavaScript, C+++, game design

Need any help?

We are the world most innovative program for students! Since our launch, we have been offering more activities than any other learning program. Offering multiple activities such as exploring science, technology, engineering, math and art to the maximum.