STEAM activities

Solar powered cars

Introduction Solar power is power we get from the sun. Unlike fossil fuels, which can cause significant pollution and emit greenhouse gases when burned, solar power is clean and renewable. However, solar power is not without its drawbacks—it is not available at night or on a cloudy day. Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy, which can be used …

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Study of state of matter: Colorful patterns in melting ice

Have you ever wondered why ice cubes in your cold drink become gradually smaller, or why their surface becomes smoother as they melt? Does ice always melt this way? To answer those questions, we will run the experiment below: Materials Water balloons Water Freezer Oven mitt Small plates Cup Table Salt Water dropper or syringe …

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Mini propeller car

Materials   6×15-mm DC motor with 1–mm shaft Mini plastic propeller for 1–mm motor shafts 2xAAA battery holder AAA batteries (2) Toothpicks (2) Plastic beads with hole diameters about the size of the toothpick (4) Cardstock Sandpaper Electrical tape Googly eyes or other decorations Scissors Wire strippers Needle nose pliers Hot glue gun   Procedure Slide one …

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